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Reptile Bedding & Substrates

Reptile Bedding & Substrates

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Exo Terra Desert Sand - Red (4.5kg)

Exo Terra Desert Sand - Red. Desert Terrarium Substrate. Exo Terra's Desert Terrariun Substrate i..


Exo Terra Desert Sand - Yellow (4.5kg)

Exo Terra Desert Sand - Yellow. Desert Terrarium Substrate. Exo Terra's Desert Terrariun Substrat..


Exo Terra Plantation Soil - 8.8ltr

Tropical Terrarium Substrate * 100% Natural Substrate. * Ideal for natural terrarium set-up..


Exo Terra Riverbed Sand - Amber (4.5kg)

Aquatic Terrarium Substrate. Natural sand, no added dyes or chemicals. Creates a natural and attr..


Komodo Aspen Bed Terrain - 6 litres

The professionals' choice of reptile bedding. .Encourages natural burrowing behaviour. Size: ..


Komodo Coconut Terrain - 610g

Komodo Coconut Terrain. This is an ideal reptile substrate for humid or arid habitats. Size: ..


Komodo Habitat Moss 1.5ltr

Komodo Habitat Moss. 100% natural woodland moss. Helps to keep your pets habitat as natural and a..


Komodo Tropical Terrain Compact Block (half brick)

The perfect rainforest substrate, chosen by professional breeders worldwide. The expandable natur..


Reptile Bark - 10 Litres

Reptile Bark, sometimes referred to as orchid bark, this bedding is ideal for forest dwelling rep..